I am a creative thinker who finds excitement in a challenge.

I enjoy helping people deliver their messages and grow their businesses. Whether a project calls for hands-on artistry or behind-the-scenes thinking, I call on my creativity, experience and expertise to deliver innovative solutions with impactful results. The things in life that raise the biggest challenges are the most fulfilling to overcome. I find this is to be true, no matter what hat I’m wearing that day: designer, animator, mother, hiker, or mountain biker.


All great things begin with a strong foundation.

Whether I’m learning a new skill, brainstorming for a project or working on a redesign, I believe that taking it back to the beginning is always a worthwhile exercise. Studying the masters, reading case studies and learning the basics are some of the techniques I use to build a foundation. The results are consistently successful projects and happy clients.


“Nicole, has been a co-worker, a client and sub-contractor at different times over the past 8 years. Nicole is fantastic. Not only do I like here as person, I have never been disappointed in her work, her attitude or her ability to communicate big ideas. The material I’ve seen her turn out is always pro and takes ideas and concepts to a whole new level. We, at Honey + Punch love her!”
Tom McDade, Owner/Director, Honey + Punch
“Nicole was an integral part of a motion graphics team for a web series my company produced. With direction from our customer, Nicole carried out the style, the motion graphics, and animation for 6 out of 16 videos in the series. She also assisted on the motion and animation of the overall series graphics, which was a huge help. Nicole never flinched at anything we threw her way, she worked well with the specific circumstances of our team and the management of our customer, and she was always communicative, enthusiastic, and fun to work with. Her skill-sets are fluid, broad and strong. She absolutely has something that I prefer with anybody I team up with, which is the mindset of: if the tools are available to create, then anything is possible. I highly recommend her.”
Jacob Kader, Producer/Director , Paltech, Inc
“Nicole is an incredibly creative graphic designer and animator. I have worked with her on several projects and each time Nicole has delivered quality creative that provided a perfect solution to the graphic challenge at hand. Nicole is also incredibly detail oriented and time efficient.”
Karen Stewart Cornman, Content development and Production Executive, Shadow Productions
“Nicole demonstrates professionalism and contributes creative ideas and thoughtful input on every project. As a designer, she stays current with the latest trends and has a unique eye for design. She’s the first to offer great solutions drawn from her extensive experience. When ideas first begin, then translate to paper, she makes them come to life visually and exceeds your every expectation. Nicole can be trusted to meet deadlines, and without question is one of the best designers out there on the market.”

Matthew Caisse, Independent Writer/Producer
“Not only is Nicole original, creative and talented—all traits one would hope to find in a designer—she also possesses the rare ability to take a vague description of what you think you want and translate it into a design that is so much better than anything you were imagining. Best of all she does it while always making sure you feel included in the creative process.”
Mariclaire Cloutier, President, Web EBP